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“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.”

Russian photographer Murad Osmann met a beautiful stranger on an assignment in Spain. The chemistry between them was instantaneous.

Murad loved to take pictures of almost anything and everything that caught his photographic eye – but the beautiful stranger soon had enough of his incessant photo clicking.

The wisp of a girl soon became annoyed that Murad was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed his hand and tried to pull him forward. It didn’t stop him from taking photos while she was pulling him though.

Nataly’s simple gesture started a love story that currently has almost 1,800,000 followers around the world.

Many people dream of falling in love and travelling the world with the man or woman of their dreams. Trivia SA brings you this poignant love story in an amazing photographic series.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain – where it all started (October 2011)

San Sebastian, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain – October 2011

Zaradoza, Spain
Zaradoza, Spain – October 2011

Moscow Metro, Russia
Moscow Metro, Russia – January 2012

Austria – May 2012

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy – May 2012

Hong Kong
Hong Kong – June 2012

London – July 2012

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