Robin Williams – in memoriam

Shortly after I heard the news of Robin Williams’ death, I wrote an article for News24: “Robin Williams – what you didn’t know.

I first saw Robin in “Good morning Vietnam“, and therefore thought it fitting to start my News24 article with the words “Good night, Vietnam”.

The realisation that this incredibly talented actor and comedian will be forever silent, only hit me today. Scrolling through hundreds of stories, anecdotes and condolences for Robin earlier this morning, it is evident that he will be sorely missed by millions.

People paid last respects by leaving flowers on the stoop of the “Mrs Doubtfire” house. Musical companies all over the world dedicated the encores of their shows to Robin, by performing “Prince Ali” from “Aladdin” – and asking the audience to join in. Such was the impact he made on so many people.

Robin Williams tribute
A tribute to Robin Williams by Eric Goldberg (the Supervising Animator of Genie)

It is heartbreaking to realise that the blue Genie has left his lamp forever, with no more wishes to be granted.

You will be forever in my memories, and my heart.

Ian de Jager
Trivia SA Founder

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