How to become a Google Ninja

These 5 awesome features will turn you into a Google Ninja in no time at all

How to define that funny word

DefineNeed the definition of a word, but don’t have a dictionary handy?

In Google, simply type define (word) and Google will tell you what it means, and how to pronounce it.

How to translate that funny word

TranslateNeed a quick translation of a word? Go to the normal Google search page and type in translate (word) to (language) in the search bar. For instance, you could type “translate I love you to Afrikaans.”

How to watch your diet

DietIf you’re watching what you eat, Google is your new best friend. Google lets you easily and quickly compare the nutritional values of different foods.

All you need to do is type the foods into the search bar like so: compare (food) to (food). Comparing your two options side by side can help motivate you to make the right choice.

How to convert almost anything

ConversionOn the Google search page, enter a search like convert eight ounces to mg or convert 6mi to km. You’ll have your answer instantly, and you can even tweak the numbers and units after the fact.

How to exclude search terms

ExcludeGoogle’s algorithms are really good at searching the Internet to find the information you’re looking for. Sometimes, though, I’m sure you get frustrated because you keep getting popular results that just aren’t right.

Tweak your search using the minus (-) symbol. Just put it before any words you don’t want to show up. Say you want to search for “cats,” but don’t want to see sites that sell them. Just type in “cats -sales and you’re set.