We have a best smeller

When we launched our website in June 2014, we promised you fascinating facts, intelligent humour – and the smell of braaivleis.

We’ve recently managed to deliver the smell of braaivleis to the whole world out there in a big and very unique way.

if you Google “the smell of braaivleis”, you’ll see what we mean.

In celebration of our number 1 position on Google we put together what is probably the best smelling article on our website.

Out of all the senses, smell is most closely linked to memory. Here then are 25 of the best smells you’ve ever smelled, as voted by our Trivia SA followers on our Facebook page. We hope this article brings back some good smelling memories.

Freshly roasted coffee beans

Freshly roasted coffee beans.


Pannekoek (pancakes) – a South African delicacy.


An all time favourite – the smell of bacon seems to be the favourite favourite of all men.

Vars gebakte brood

Freshly baked bread, straight from the oven.


Vanilla – in any shape or form, always smells divine.


Waatlemoen (watermelon) – yet another South African favourite, especially in summer.


Skaapboud (roasted leg of lamb) – a traditional South African Sunday lunch.


Whether it’s tanning lotion or Coco Rico – it’s an all time favourite.

New book smell

The smell of a new book.


The smell of your favourite perfume.

Baby powder

The unforgettable smell of a Johnson & Johnson powdered baby.

Vicks Vaporub

Guaranteed to clear your blocked nose fast.


Lavender bushes, especially in the early evening.

Rain and lightning over Pretoria
A ferocious thunderstorm strikes the hills beyond central Pretoria as the Union buildings stand proud in spotlight. (Photo copyrighted: Hougaard Malan)

The smell of the first rain of the season.

Playing golf in the rain

Playing golf in summer, with a summer thunderstorm looming.

Freshly cut grass

Freshly cut grass.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, today and tomorrow flowers.


The smell of “fynbos” – unique to the Cape, South Africa.

Newly tarred road

The smell of a freshly tarred road.

New car smell

The unbeatable smell of a new car.

Braai hout

Starting the fire for a braai – with hardehout (hardwood).


The unique smell of a South African braaivleis (barbeque).

Pipe tobacco

Good old pipe tobacco.

Carving wood

Wood shavings.

Whisky and cigar

A really fine, mellowed whiskey.