How to ensure Trivia SA always shows up in your Facebook Newsfeed

We know you love our Trivia SA Facebook page (because you told us so) – and that makes us very happy. However, simply liking our page won’t be enough to ensure we keep in touch.

Here’s how to make sure we don’t disappear from your Facebook Newsfeed:

1. Like our Trivia SA Facebook page

Like Trivia SA

That was simple enough, and we thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts.

2. Follow our Trivia SA Facebook page

Follow Trivia SA

Make sure you follow us, otherwise you’ll only hear from us once a year – probably on your birthday? While we do adore birthdays, we would love to see you a lot more often than that.

Following Trivia SA

3. Get notifications (so you don’t miss out)

Checkmark not visible - this is bad

Get notified when we post something new – whether it’s a fascinating fact, an article that has you in stitches, or simply a brilliant meme that we created which threatens to go viral. Be the first to know!

Checkmark visible - excellent

4. Like (and optionally share) our posts – often


If you don’t like our posts, Trivia SA will be dying a silent death (on Facebook anyway) – and we’re sure you don’t want that on your conscience, do you? Sharing is caring as well, so if we post something really awesome – please share it on your timeline. This will ensure our survival, but also…

… allow us to let you in on a little secret. We have some truly awesome and exciting ideas for the future of Trivia SA. This involves weekly online trivia competitions with fabulous prizes, as well as other even more exciting plans, where you might just get to meet us in person!

Awesome prizes

In order to get to that point though, we need more followers. It just makes sense – a handful of followers will get us teeny tiny competition prizes; thousand of followers will get us truly awesome prizes!

5. Optional – save us for later

We know you’re terribly busy, and your eye just caught that tantalising Trivia SA heading – but you can’t read it right now. Good news – you can save it for later! Here’s how…

See you on our Facebook Page!