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Fun elephant fact

Baby elephant An elephant chews by moving its jaws backwards and forwards - unlike cattle that move their jaws from side to side.
Source: Van Lill, Dawid (2008) African Wildlife Trivia, Kaapstad: Random House Struik

Trivia SA commemorates World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day logoThe very first celebration of World Wildlife Day takes place today, 3 March 2014. It’s a day that will recognise the huge importance of wildlife, particularly those endangered and threatened. We will be posting various interesting and fun facts, as well as some awesome photos … Continue Reading ››

What is a “mashonza”?

Mashonza are also known as mopane worms, named after the tree they are found in (the Colophospermum Mopane). MashonzaThe caterpillar is spiky, blue and green, and the larvae of the nocturnal emperor moth. The worms are high in protein and minerals and a free source of … Continue Reading ››

One of only two city wildlife reserves – in the world

Misty Bloemfontein (South Africa) view from Signal Hill
A view of Bloemfontein from the top of Naval Hill on a misty morning.
Established in 1930, the Franklin Game Reserve atop Naval Hill in Bloemfontein is one of only two city wildlife reserves in the … Continue Reading ››