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22 October 1986 – General Motors pulls out of South Africa

On this day in South Africa's history: 22 October 1986

General Motors logo General Motors becomes the fourth big US business to pull out of South Africa. It joins Honeywell, IBM and Warner. It was believed the decision was influenced by the US Senate overriding of President Reagan's … Continue Reading ››

21 October 1986 – IBM re-forms in South Africa

On this day in South Africa's history: 21 October 1986

IBM logo When U.S. lawmakers approved economic sanctions against South Africa over President Reagan's veto, several high profile companies divested in name only. IBM calmly announced that it had sold its South African subsidiary to a new company … Continue Reading ››

20 October 1999 – George Fivaz steps down, Jackie Selebi steps up

On this day in South Africa's history: 20 October 1999

George Fivaz and Jackie Selebi On 20 October 1999, it was announced that Jacob Sello Selebi (Jackie) was appointed the new National Commissioner of the South African Police service as from 1 January 2000. He will succeed Commissioner George … Continue Reading ››

19 October 1986 – Samora Machel dies

On this day in South Africa's history: 19 October 1986

Samora and Graca Machel

On 19 October 1986, the Mozambique President, Samora Machel and thirty-three other passengers, died when their Tupolev 134 plane crashed into the Lebombo Mountains, South Africa, after allegedly following a false … Continue Reading ››

Lesotho: Why King Shaka said the F-word, and left

F this

From 1813 to 1830, lots of people were running around in the Lesotho mountain region, stealing cattle and throwing sticks, spears, knopkieries, rocks and whatever was available at one another. FightingAt the time, King Shaka was raiding … Continue Reading ››

Ons onthou die Grensoorlog

Weermagstories: Dienspligtiges verbreek die stilte

Ten spyte van die baie aandag wat dit op veral sosiale media kry, duur die letsels van die Grensoorlog voort. Baie wit Suid-Afrikaanse mans word steeds geaffekteer. As jy hulle vra om te vertel wat met hulle in dié oorlog gebeur het, bly hulle ontwykend. In Roelf Schoeman se boek vertel hy … Continue Reading ››

Famous firsts for women

In celebrating women's month this August, Trivia SA has a look at some awe-inspiring women starting way back when in 1903 - just to remind you how amazing women are and have been throughout history. If you're a woman and you simply want to bask in all the feminine glory - please go … Continue Reading ››