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Two famous baboons from South Africa

The baboon that worked for the railroad

During the latter part of the 1800s, travellers to Cape Town, along the Port Elizabeth mainline railroad, frequently saw a curious sight as they entered the Uitenhage train station. The signalman operating the levers that set the signals in the control tower was a baboon named Jack. As strange as … Continue Reading ››

Famous time travellers

Jolly Jacob von Hogflume

Jacob von Hogflume was said to have invented time travel, has been honoured with a blue plaque, and was known to have lived in various parts of the UK before his death - and after his death as well. Time travel Actually, Jacob von … Continue Reading ››

Rihanna – umbrella – ella ella eh eh eh

Rihanna umbrellaThe Rihanna influence

Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) won her first Grammy with her song "Umbrella" - which you're probably singing in your head right now - ella ella eh eh eh? She banned fans from bringing umbrellas … Continue Reading ››

Wie was Daan Desimaal / Who was Decimal Dan?

"1/2 sent vir een pennie en een sent vir twee..." Op 14 Februarie 1961 het Suid-Afrika oorgeskakel vanaf sterling na die desimale sisteem. Bank notes and coins, South AfricaTo help in the switch, the government devised the song "Decimal Dan / Daan Desimaal" (played by Barry … Continue Reading ››

The (only) South African Formula 1 World Champion

Jody Scheckter, 1979 Formula 1 Grand Prix World Champion, South Africa
Jody Scheckter - 1979 Formula 1 Grand Prix champion
The only South African racing driver ever to be Formula 1 World Champion, was Jody Scheckter in 1979. Other legends on the grid with Jody … Continue Reading ››

Famous SA landmark for maritime navigators

The Cape of Good Hope, south of Cape Town is a famous landmark for maritime navigators.
Cape of Good Hope present day
Cape of Good Hope (present day)
This famous landmark is also known as the Cape of Storms, named by the brave Portuguese navigators … Continue Reading ››