Modern Brutus, classic Caesar

Brutus seems to be at it yet again.

Et tu Brute

Eskom load shedding: the naked truth

South Africans have been kept in the dark – quite literally – when it comes to Eskom’s load shedding, and the reasons behind it. We here at Trivia SA think we’ve uncovered the naked truth.

Zuma Eskom

Grocery shopping

When I am at the store

Soccer fans will get this one…

Luis Suarez

Lovely name


Facebook down – here’s why

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook went down on Thursday 19 June 2014, and again on 3 September 2014. Trivia SA wants to thank Mark for his awesome support – it’s very much appreciated.

Mexican word of the day

Today’s Mexican word of the day, is “bishop”.

Mexican word of the day - bishop