Compact Discs (CDs)


Compact discs (CDs) are read from the inside to the outside edge, the reverse of how a record works.

Famous eyeglasses

Tom Cruise

Artist: Frederico Mauro

Game of Thrones – 80s style

Jaime and Tyrion gets down – 80s style! (Press play, and enjoy!)

Jaime and Tyrion gets down

Tyrion dance

Kom ons Braai, Miley

Kom ons braai - Miley
Ons het daarin geslaag om Miley Cyrus se algemene kennis bietjie te verbreed. Met ‘n bietjie ‘coaching’ van Trivia SA se span, het sy onlangs haar eerste drie Afrikaanse woorde kwytgeraak.

Gaga ooh-la-la

Gaga ooh-la-la

Miriam Makeba has the longest family name by far

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba was the first African woman to win a Grammy, and the first black woman to have a Top 10 worldwide hit with ‘Pata Pata’ in 1967.

Miriam’s full real name is Zensile Makeba Qgwashu Nguvama Yiketheli Nxgowa Bantana Balomzi Xa Ufnu Ubajabulisa Ubaphekeli Mbiza Yotshwala Sithi Xa Saku Qgiba Ukutja Sithathe Izitsha Sizi Khabe Singama Lawu Singama Qgwashu Singama Nqamla Nqgithi.

The reason for its length is that every child takes the first name of all his male ancestors. Often following the first name is a descriptive word or two, telling about the character of their person, making a true African name somewhat like a story.

Below is a video of her singing the famous “Click Song” – guaranteed to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day! 🙂