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Dating Site Dinge

Internet DatingEk het toe mos my hand (lyf?) gewaag aan "Internet dating" vroeg in 2015. Vanweë die druk wat verskeie vriende en vriendinne op my geplaas het sedertdien, het ek tog maar besluit om my wedervaringe hier te deel. Wees gewaarsku - daar is "some really weird piepol" daar buite. Maar … Continue Reading ››

20 October 1999 – George Fivaz steps down, Jackie Selebi steps up

On this day in South Africa's history: 20 October 1999

George Fivaz and Jackie Selebi On 20 October 1999, it was announced that Jacob Sello Selebi (Jackie) was appointed the new National Commissioner of the South African Police service as from 1 January 2000. He will succeed Commissioner George … Continue Reading ››

19 October 1986 – Samora Machel dies

On this day in South Africa's history: 19 October 1986

Samora and Graca Machel

On 19 October 1986, the Mozambique President, Samora Machel and thirty-three other passengers, died when their Tupolev 134 plane crashed into the Lebombo Mountains, South Africa, after allegedly following a false … Continue Reading ››

Green eyes trivia

Green eyes Green eyes, found in only 2 percent of the population, are more common in females than males, and among celebrities than the general public.

Isaac Asimov and the Dewey Decimal Classification

Dewey Decimal System Isaac Asimov's books have been published in 9 of the 10 major categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification.

Famous firsts for women

In celebrating women's month this August, Trivia SA has a look at some awe-inspiring women starting way back when in 1903 - just to remind you how amazing women are and have been throughout history. If you're a woman and you simply want to bask in all the feminine glory - please go … Continue Reading ››

Follow me to…

"Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey." Russian photographer Murad Osmann met a beautiful stranger on an assignment in Spain. The chemistry between them was instantaneous. Murad loved to take pictures of almost anything and everything that caught his photographic eye - but the beautiful stranger soon had enough of his incessant photo clicking. The wisp … Continue Reading ››