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The world’s shortest commercial flight

Loganair Operated by Loganair, the world’s shortest commercial flight takes place between the two Orkney Islands, Westray and Papa Westray, north of Scotland. The flight covers a distance of only 1.7 miles (2.7 km) and if the weather conditions are favourable, it can be completed in just 47 … Continue Reading ››

We have a best smeller

When we launched our website in June 2014, we promised you fascinating facts, intelligent humour - and the smell of braaivleis. We've recently managed to deliver the smell of braaivleis to the whole world out there in a big and very unique way. if you Google "the smell of braaivleis", you'll … Continue Reading ››

Take a ride in an F16

The Cars of Arnie

Whether you know him as The Terminator, The Governator, or just that guy who really, really likes working out in public, Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 67 today. To celebrate, we rounded up some of his best rides.
Dodge Challenger SRT (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Dodge Challenger SRT
You also probably … Continue Reading ››

Famous time travellers

Jolly Jacob von Hogflume

Jacob von Hogflume was said to have invented time travel, has been honoured with a blue plaque, and was known to have lived in various parts of the UK before his death - and after his death as well. Time travel Actually, Jacob von … Continue Reading ››

Fastest lap – Isle of Man TT

Hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping stuff

Bruce Anstey
Bruce Anstey
This is a video of the fastest lap ever recorded to date on a superbike at the infamous Isle of Man. Veteran rider Bruce Anstey of New Zealand put on a display over the weekend that … Continue Reading ››

The oldest bridges in South Africa

South Africa's oldest stone- and steel bridges are still in use today.

Jan Joubert's Gat Bridge

Jan Joubert se gat
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Jan Joubert's Gat bridge is situated on the Franschhoek Mountain pass in the Cape Winelands in South Africa. Built in 1825 by … Continue Reading ››