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Oupa ry in sy ou Ford

As Oupa elke 10 jaar of wat vir hom 'n nuwe Ford kon aanskaf, is hierdie heel moontlik die Fords waarin Oupa gery het.

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Oupa ry in sy ou Ford A-a-oo, A-a-oo, A-a-oo-oo-a Hy lyk nes 'n regte Lord A-a-oo, A-a-oo, A-a-oo-oo-a

Ritte-tit, ritte-tit kyk die stof Ritte-tit o die pad is al te rof Ritte-tit, … Continue Reading ››

South African pothole humour

Shredded tyres, damaged suspension or worse… dodging potholes is a sad reality of driving on South African roads. But then again, being South Africans - we are quick to see the humour behind this aggravation.  

Typewriting while driving

Typewriting while driving