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The very best video of 2014 (in our opinion)

This video by Luc Bergeron, is in our opinion by far the very best video we've seen in 2014. Sure, YouTube has its own top 10 list - but they (oh so very obviously!) missed this one. You'll appreciate it even more once you realise that … Continue Reading ››

The bullwhip, and Indiana Jones

Bullwhip The first man-made item to exceed the speed of sound was the bullwhip. When the whip is snapped, the knotted end makes a “crack” or popping noise. It is actually causing a mini sonic boom as it exceeds the speed of sound. You go, Indy!

Famous firsts for women

In celebrating women's month this August, Trivia SA has a look at some awe-inspiring women starting way back when in 1903 - just to remind you how amazing women are and have been throughout history. If you're a woman and you simply want to bask in all the feminine glory - please go … Continue Reading ››

Robin Williams – in memoriam

Shortly after I heard the news of Robin Williams' death, I wrote an article for News24: "Robin Williams - what you didn't know." I first saw Robin in "Good morning Vietnam", and therefore thought it fitting to start my News24 article with the words "Good … Continue Reading ››

The Cars of Arnie

Whether you know him as The Terminator, The Governator, or just that guy who really, really likes working out in public, Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 67 today. To celebrate, we rounded up some of his best rides.
Dodge Challenger SRT (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Dodge Challenger SRT
You also probably … Continue Reading ››

If these famous people were Afrikaans…

Ons het op 4 Julie 2014 'n 'post' op ons Trivia SA Facebook bladsy geplaas, wat as volg gelees het: "If famous actors and musicians were Afrikaans... "We'll start you off, please add to the list: Will Smith - Willem Smit Paul Newman - Paul Niemand Laurence Olivier - Lourens Olivier John Wayne - Jan … Continue Reading ››

Famous eyeglasses

Artist: Frederico Mauro