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10 September 2014
Lesotho flag
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Lesotho: Why King Shaka said the F-word, and left
Ian de Jager offers interesting trivia: from why King Shaka and others left Lesotho, to the fact that the country is the only one whose national flag sports a hat (excerpt from News24).

21 August 2014

Amelia Earhart

Famous firsts for women
Ian de Jager has a look at some awe-inspiring women starting way back when in 1903 – just to remind you how amazing women are and have been throughout history (excerpt from News24).

12 August 2014

Robin Williams in "Good morning Vietnam"

Robin Williams – what you didn’t know
Ian de Jager dishes up some interesting and lesser-known facts on the brilliant actor and comedian, Robin Williams, who passed away earlier today (excerpt from News24).

06 August 2014

Fat cat

Your CEO – Captain Awesome, or Fat Cat?
Ian de Jager witnessed something awesome – which he believes will have you taking a fresh look at your company CEO (excerpt from News24).

23 July 2014

Juicy T-bone steak, South Africa

Kom ons braai – impress your friends with these cool facts about South Africa
Nobody can beat a South African at a braai. Ian de Jager looks at this popular pastime and shares some interesting facts about our country (excerpt from News24).

08 July 2014

Mimes in France

When in Rome… (or France, or Russia, or Italy)
Planning an exotic trip overseas? Ian de Jager offers some tips on do’s and don’ts when visiting different parts of the world (excerpt from News24).

01 July 2014

Canada Day

24 Everyday items you didn’t know were Canadian
Peanut Butter, Justin Bieber and the Wonderbra. What do these things have in common? They – and 21 other interesting everyday things come from Canada, writes Ian de Jager (excerpt from News24).

27 June 2014

The Terminator

Popcorn and Trivia – Top 10 Movies of 1984
A whole bunch of these movies were later made into sequels. Ian de Jager takes a look at the top 10 movies from 1984, and shares some trivia along the way (excerpt from News24).

13 June 2014

FIFA Soccer World Cup 2014

The Soccer World Cup – 18 things you probably didn’t know
Ian de Jager from Trivia SA makes a list of 18 lesser-known facts of the Soccer World Cup (excerpt from News24).