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The Cars of Arnie

Whether you know him as The Terminator, The Governator, or just that guy who really, really likes working out in public, Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 67 today. To celebrate, we rounded up some of his best rides.
Dodge Challenger SRT (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Dodge Challenger SRT
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Oupa ry in sy ou Ford

As Oupa elke 10 jaar of wat vir hom 'n nuwe Ford kon aanskaf, is hierdie heel moontlik die Fords waarin Oupa gery het.

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Oupa ry in sy ou Ford A-a-oo, A-a-oo, A-a-oo-oo-a Hy lyk nes 'n regte Lord A-a-oo, A-a-oo, A-a-oo-oo-a

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