A 3D model of the save icon

A 3D model of the save icon

Famous SA landmark for maritime navigators

The Cape of Good Hope, south of Cape Town is a famous landmark for maritime navigators.
Cape of Good Hope present day
Cape of Good Hope (present day)
This famous landmark is also known as the Cape of Storms, named by the brave Portuguese navigators … Continue Reading ››

The Top 20 things we learned in our first week on Trivia SA

1. Die ou by wie Barry kuier, gaan NOU braai. NOU. 2. Jody Scheckter is the only South African to have won the F1 Grand Prix (in 1979). 3. Jan Ellis poeding is vrek lekker! 4. Trevor Noah speaks and understands six languages. 5. Bloemfontein has a wildlife reserve in its city centre. 6. Ou mense is BAIE slimmer as … Continue Reading ››